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Custom-Made Weight Loss Program

Custom-Made Weight Loss Program

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Succeed better at fat loss with a custom-made weight loss program designed just for you.  Embark on a journey to feeling vibrant, healthy, and confident.  And as a bonus, you get to look amazing! 

During our first 1-hour consultation, a thorough audit of your lifestyle is carried out.  An anthropometric assessment is also performed at this session to determine the composition of your body. 

The information gathered during our first consultation forms the cornerstone in the creation of your weight loss program.  At our second 1-hour consultation, we present and explain your weight loss program in detail.  You leave this session with a very good understanding of how to accomplish your goals. 

Implementation of your program is supported by three 30-minute weekly follow-up consultations.  One of the features of these sessions is to provide you with first-hand insight into the positive effect your healthier lifestyle has on the shape and size of your body.  This visibility is the catalyst that brings about the behaviour change that we are aiming for.  Also, these sessions provide you with the necessary guidance and motivation to make your transition to a healthier lifestyle as easy as possible.

Contact us on 074 892 3868 to set up your first 1-hour consultation.

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