Tailored Solutions

Achieve your weight loss goals with a personalised plan designed just for you.

Results Driven

Succeed better at fat loss with a results driven approach that tracks your progress and keeps your focus on the right behaviour.

Coaching and Support

Make the transition to a healthier lifestyle easier with the right guidance and support.

“Make weight loss easier with a personalised approach to slimming.”

We understand how difficult losing weight can be.  For 37 years it has been our philosophy to find the best and healthiest way to lose weight.  Our lifestyles are shaped by the choices we make.  The physical and genetic elements that make up our bodies are heavily impacted by what, when and how much we eat, as well as the activities and exercise we partake in.  It goes without saying that everyone is different.  What works for one person may not work for another.  That’s why it’s important to find an approach that acknowledges your individual needs and preferences.  This kind of personalised approach has been shown to be more successful in the long run.  It helps you take control of your well-being and achieve the body you want.

“A slimming solution created just for you.”

The first step in helping you reach your health and fitness goals is to gain insight into your current lifestyle.  At our first meeting we collect information about your eating habits, physical activity levels, daily routines, and other lifestyle related matters.  We’ll also take various measurements of your body using scientifically validated methodologies.  This will help us calculate your ideal body mass and determine your excess body fat and lean body mass. Once we have all the data, we’ll analyse it and design an individualised and synchronised nutrition-exercise regime that’s tailored specifically for you.  At our second consultation we explain your plan in detail.  You leave this session with an in depth understanding of how to accomplish your objectives.

To be successful change must follow certain guidelines.  It must be predictable, measurable, and repeatable.  By adhering to these standards the potential of a successful outcome increases tenfold.  You will have 3 follow-up coaching sessions at 7 to 10 day intervals.  We will take your measurements and enter the data into your personalised tracking system.  You will see first-hand how your behaviour and choices are affecting your body’s shape and size.  We also assess your ability to transform and adjust to a healthier lifestyle.  After the third follow up, it is up to you how often you would like Maria-E’s coaching and support to get you where you need to be.

“Unlock a healthier lifestyle and break free from the shame and frustration that comes with being overweight.”

Maria-E provides workable eating and lifestyle strategies tailored to your unique tastes and habits, giving you the power to transition to a healthier lifestyle.  Our simple, easy-to-follow advice reduces confusion, enabling you to make better food and lifestyle choices more often.  Healthy fat loss is the consequence of this behaviour.

Answers to your concerns

Learn How it Works!

Is this just another gimmick or fad that promises the world and delivers nothing?

Fads and other “short-term” solutions are simply a brief pause from an unhealthy lifestyle. We tailor an eating and lifestyle plan to suit an individual’s personal preferences and habits. This method allows them to switch to a healthier lifestyle more easily. Our advice is easy to comprehend and straightforward to implement. It eliminates any confusion and encourages them to make better food and lifestyle decisions consistently. When this is done, fat loss is the automatic consequence.

What impact do supplements have on healthy weight loss?

On their own supplements cannot create the behaviour change that is necessary for healthy and sustainable fat loss.  They can be a useful support mechanism to make the changeover to a healthier lifestyle easier.

What if I fail?

When going through the process of losing weight, you will inevitably make various mistakes. These errors are simply reflections of something that isn’t working. Rather than thinking of these mistakes as failures, look at them as an opportunity to become better at living healthy.  Together we pinpoint the root cause of the mistake and address that, instead of concentrating on the mistake itself.

This is your adventure. You fail when you give up. If you sincerely wish to lead a quality life and understand that you must make mistakes in order to improve, you will be successful.

Will this harm my health?

Fat Loss at the expense of your health is simply not acceptable  The fat loss strategies employed by Maria-E promotes and supports good health. 

When you consider any slimming program ask yourself:

1) Can this slimming program become a way of life for me?

2) Is it healthy?

3) Will this solution allow me to maintain my fat loss over time?

If the solution you are considering does not answer these questions in the affirmative, is it good enough for you?

What if I cannot follow through?

We provide follow-up consultations to assist you in reaching your objectives.  We are capable of monitoring your progress by taking measurements of your body.  These results will demonstrate how your behaviour is influencing your body size.  This recognition alone is the trigger that brings about the behaviour changes that we are hoping to see.  Furthermore, the weight loss plan we customize for you is flexible enough to conform to any changes in your circumstances.  During the follow up consultations, we make the necessary modifications when needed.  Most importantly, you have the support and guidance when you need it the most.

What if I pick up all the weight that I lost?

The behaviour change that we drive empowers a person to make better eating and lifestyle choices more often.  Eventually this becomes their default behaviour.  The mental struggle with diet, fear of failure and the vicious diet/binge cycle becomes less prevalent.  The person starts to develop an aversion against oversweet, salty, processed and high fat food opting for better healthier options willingly. 

I know what I need to do. I just cannot seem to get it right."

Over time an individual or personalised approach to weight loss has proven more effective.  The slimming solution we create for you fits around your individual tastes and habits as far as possible to still allow for healthy fat loss.  It is flexible enough to adapt to your needs as they change.  It allows you to eat outside of the home when at a restaurant, travelling or on holiday.